City Commission Worksession Minutes 04-12-2004

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                           CITY OF MUSKEGON
                              APRIL 12, 2004


The Worksession came to order at 5:30pm. Present were Mayor Stephen
Warmington, Vice Mayor Bill Larson, Commissioners Larry Spataro, Kevin Davis,
Chris Carter, and Clara Shepherd and City Manager Bryon Mazade.
Commissioner Stephen Gawron was excused. Irene Dempsey was present to
take minutes.

1.    CDBG Funding Allocations:
Comments were heard from Funded Programs: Volunteer Muskegon (Youth
Volunteer Corps Program and Keep Kids in School Program); Public School
Reading Program and Dad’s Only(Michigan Works).

2.     Madison Street Fire Station:
The Lease Agreement of the Fire Station between the City and the Oakview
Neighborhood Association was discussed. Present were representatives from
the Oakview Association and Cathy Brubaker-Clark, Director of Community and
Economic Development. Suggestion was made by Bill Larson to have a motion
put on the April 13, 2004 Commission Meeting.

3.    Rezoning of 407 Marquette:
Mr. Reasonover (owner of 407 Marquette) and his Attorney were present. The
Zoning Ordinance motion voted on at the February 10, 2004 Regular
Commission Meeting was discussed.

4.     Farmers Market Housing:
Will Griffin gave a presentation to the Commission on the Farmers Market Area
Proposed Housing Development Project. Discussion was held.

5.    First Quarter Budget Reforecast:
Tim Paul was present to answer any questions.

6.     Other Business: Cross Lake Ferry
Mayor Warmington gave a summary of the process between the Cross Lake
Ferry project and the City. Representatives from Great Lake Marina were
present for discussion on progress and to answer any questions. The
procurement for additional funds needed to finish the project by the designated
deadline was discussed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

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