City Commission Worksession Minutes 01-10-2011

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                                       City of Muskegon
                                 City Commission Worksession
                                       January 10, 2011
                                  City Commission Chambers
                                            5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Warmington, Vice Mayor Gawron, Carter, Spataro, Wierengo,
Shepherd, and Wisneski.
Absent: None.

Dog Beach Presentation by Chris Willis.
Chris Willis made a presentation for a filing a not for profit
organization. She is creating a group of volunteers to help keep the dog beach clean.

Recreation Grants.
Cathy Brubaker-Clarke presented a proposed grant form that organizations may apply for a City
of Muskegon grant for recreational programs.

Questions were received from City Commissioners. Commissioners emphasized that a food
program would be very much appreciated in concurrence with the summer programs.

Commissioner Carter suggested that a couple of people from the past Leisure Services Board
might be part of the approval process. Commissioners Spataro stated that the Commission
should receive a copy of the final recipients, but should not be part of the choosing of the

Vice Mayor Gawron stated there does need to be some type of accountability from organizations
that are awarded grants.

All Commissioners were in agreement with the proposed process.

Junk Vehicle Ordinance.
Commissioner Spataro believes the ordinance is not being enforced enough.

Commissioner Carter believes a summer vehicle covered in the winter should be taken into

Commissioners asked various questions of interpretations of the current law.

Over 460 vehicles were tagged last year, but less than 50 actually received citations. Police were
able to work with most residents to resolve any issues.
No changes to the current ordinance were recommended at this time.

Special Events Policy.
Will be addressed at the following City Commission meeting.

Any Other Business.
Comments were received from Commissioners and audience.

Motion by Commissioner Carter, seconded by Commissioner Shepherd to adjourn at 6:25

                                                                     MOTION PASSES

                                                          Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                               City Clerk

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