City Commission Worksession Minutes 01-25-2008

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                      JANUARY 25, 2008


Present: Mayor Warmington, Vice Mayor Gawron, Commissioners Carter, Shepherd, Spataro,
Wierengo, and Wisneski.

Staff Present: Mazade, Al-Shatel, Grant, Kleibecker, Kincaid, Kuhn, Brubaker-Clarke, Griffin,
Paul, Maurer, Lewis, Smith, Thompson, Scholle, and Becker.

Bill Loxterman, Muskegon Community College Public Relations, facilitated the session.
Meeting began at 9:30 a.m.

The Mission, Vision and Value Statements were reviewed. No changes were made. There was
discussion about how goals are set, including the process and majority versus consensus.

The Goals from 2007 were reviewed. They included: Blight Fight, Regional Cooperation,
Farmers Market Relocation Decision, Smartzone Strategy, Sustainable Infrastructure, Youth
Recreation Facilities, Reduction/Modification of City Services, Lakeshore Pathway,
Marketing/Public Relations, and LEED Building Policy.

It was decided and agreed upon that Regional Cooperation and Reduction/Modification of City
Services be put together in one category.

It was discussed and agreed upon that LEED Building policy and Marketing/Public Relations be

The City Commission discussed which of the existing goals they wanted to consider for 2008.
There was a desire to consolidate or condense the goals wherever possible. The following are
the existing goals determined by consensus:

       Blight Fight
               Expanded Block Redevelopment
       Regional Cooperation/Reduction/Modification of City Services
       Farmers Market Relocation Decision
       Sustainable Infrastructure
       Strategic Partnering to Deliver Youth Mentoring Recreation (Change in title from Youth
       Recreation Facilities)

   New projects added to the list are as follows:

                           County Wastewater Meter Issue
                           Alternative Funding/Street Work
                           Alternative Energy Center
           Downtown Development
                      Downtown Shoreline Accessibility

Commissioners were given colored dots to place on the projects they thought were most

Those project that received dots were as follows:

(   )   Blight Fight
(   )   Regional Cooperation/Reduction/Modification of City Services
(   )   Farmers Market Relocation Decision
(   )   Sustainability
(   )   Casino
(   )   Downtown Development
(   )   Strategic Partnering to Deliver Youth Mentoring Recreation
(   )   Sustainable Infrastructure

Points were based on the number of dots each received. Commissioners were then asked to
identify their highest priorities. They were as follows:

City Staff left the meeting/session at 1:45 p.m.

City Manager and Commission continued discussions beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Session concluded at

                                                                   Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                                         City Clerk

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