City Commission Worksession Minutes 05-08-2023

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                                        City of Muskegon

                                          Work Session


                                     May 8, 2023, 5:30 pm
                                      Muskegon City Hall
                            933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440

Present:                   Mayor Ken Johnson (arrived at 5:35 p.m.)
                           Commissioner Rachel Gorman
                           Commissioner Rebecca St.Clair
                           Vice Mayor Willie German, Jr.
                           Commissioner Teresa Emory

Absent:                    Commissioner Eric Hood
                           Commissioner Michael Ramsey

Staff Present:             City Manager Jonathan Seyferth
                           City Clerk Ann Meisch
                           Deputy City Clerk Kimberly Young


1.     Call to Order

       Vice Mayor German called the Worksession meeting to order at 5:30 on Monday, May
       8, 2023.

2.     New Business

       2.a       Lumberjacks Renovation - Arena

                 Seeking approval to construct new team space at Trinity Health Arena. In
                 exchange, the Lumberjacks would like to add an additional renewal option to the
                 Lumberjacks Shared Use Agreement. Muskegon Lumberjacks Organization LLC,
                 parent company of the USHL’s Muskegon Lumberjacks, are seeking approval to
                 construct a second story office suite above their existing players’ lounge and

      coach’s offices. The proposed space would be built into the necessary locker
      room and supporting medical space to provide the Lumberjacks the best
      amenities and continued success in player recruitment while also providing a
      much-needed presence and access to and from the arena concourse. All
      construction would be fully funded by the Muskegon Lumberjacks Organization
      LLC. Due to the nature of the cost to build, the Muskegon Lumberjacks
      Organization LLC is requesting an additional 10-year renewal option added to
      their shared use agreement. The proposed sixth amendment as well as a general
      concept of construction were included in the agenda packet to commissioners

      This item will be placed on the agenda at a future meeting date to be considered
      for approval.

2.b   Flock Policy - Public Safety

      The Flock camera devices capture objective evidence, like license plates and
      vehicle details, and send real-time alerts to law enforcement so they can act.
      70% of crime involves a vehicle. That’s why Flock Cameras build devices that
      focus on vehicular evidence, including license plates and a detailed Vehicle
      fingerprint™. Once the police have a potential suspect vehicle, they are more
      likely to clear cases and decrease crime rates - making your community safer
      overall. Flock cameras provide a way for law enforcement to receive alerts on
      stolen vehicles, known wanted criminals, and more enters your community.

      There was discussion regarding the proposed policy and camera system.

2.c   K9 Policy - Public Safety

      The Police K9 has a unique impact on the community it serves. The K9s are, most
      importantly, some of the best and most-loved ambassadors of the department -
      appearing at special events and interacting with the community for public
      relations purposes. While most people are hesitant to start a conversation with
      an officer, they will not think twice about asking to pet the dog. A K9 can both
      provide valuable tools for the department and break down barriers between the
      police and the public they serve. These dogs assist in a myriad of areas: drug
      enforcement, explosives detection, tracking, search and rescue, finding
      evidence, officer safety and apprehending fleeing subjects through use of non-
      lethal force. The addition of a K9 team would be another tool for the department
      to utilize to reduce crime, provide professional police services, and create a
      positive connection to the City of Muskegon. K9 appearances at local events are

      natural opportunities to create a connection between the community and the

2.d   School Resource Officer - Middle School - Public Safety

      Discussion took place about the opportunity for the Middle School to have a
      Resource Officer. It was requested by Muskegon Public School for employment
      of one Muskegon Police Department officer for the 2023-2024 school year.

2.e   Closing the Pier - Public Safety

      Discussion to propose Closing the Pier in the case of Emergency. State Law
      allows for closing of the pier during adverse conditions; “When wind conditions
      on the Great Lakes attain a magnitude whereby 1/3 of the waves resulting from
      the conditions cause any public dock, pier, wharf, or retaining wall to be awash,
      it constitutes a state not conducive to the orderly and safe use and occupancy of
      those structures.” Similar lake communities have installed a gate that can be
      closed when conditions are met as stated in the statute. Staff recommends
      installation of a wrought iron gate to be closed on our city pier.

2.f   Muskegon Lighthouses Ownership - Development Services

      Staff has researched the process of transferring the two Muskegon lighthouses
      from the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy to the City of Muskegon, the first
      phase of the south break wall lighthouse restoration and future city stewardship
      responsibilities and liabilities. Staff seeks City Commission support to pursue
      ownership of the lighthouses. Staff was at the March 2023 work session outlining
      the request of the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy for the city to take over the
      ownership and stewardship of the two lighthouses in the Muskegon Harbor at
      Pere Marquette Park. Staff research and work with the MLC shows a Federal
      Lighthouse Preservation Act application to the National Park Service and a new
      25-year lease with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would be needed. Federal
      approvals could take up to a year to secure. In the meantime, staff is working
      with the MLC leadership to begin the restoration of the south break wall
      lighthouse as transfer of ownership is pursued. Staff estimates that the annual
      maintenance of the two lighthouses would average $10,000 based upon other
      municipal lighthouse stewardships. Staff is exploring private, philanthropic
      revenue options including public donations through Pere Marquette parking
      kiosks and a lighthouse fund with the Community Foundation for Muskegon
      County. The community would need to develop a Friends of the Lighthouses
      support group to assist with future lighthouse tours, programing, gift shop and

      fundraising. The city has a 10 percent administrative fee ($80,000) in a $800,000
      state lighthouse restoration grant to cover costs of the lighthouses transfer of

      This will be on the agenda for Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

2.g   Sanitation Revenue - DPW

      Recent increases in our sanitation contract with Republic Services and in our
      street sweeping contract with Tri-Us Services have generated a need for
      approximately $200,000 in additional revenue in the Sanitation Department.
      Staff will present revenue generating options.

       The Commission approved a 5 and ½-year extension with Republic Services for
      sanitation services on December 13, 2022, and a 3-year contract with Tri-Us
      Services for street sweeping on April 25, 2023. Summaries of each contract’s
      financials are included below.

      Sanitation (Republic Services):

          •   5 Year Extension (January 1, 2023 – June 30, 2028). 4% rate increase on
              January 1 annually each year starting in 2024.

          •   Solid Waste cost per unit in 2023 at $12.26/Unit (2022 Rate is

          •   Recycling cost per unit in 2023 is $4.78/Unit (2022 Rate is $4.50/Unit)

          •   Solid Waste Cost is $100/Load (2022 Rate is $10.50/Ton or roughly

          •   The first full year of the program is expected to cost approximately
              $2.2M. The 22/23 budget includes $2.075M for Republic Services.

      Street Sweeping (Tri-Us Services)

          •   Annual cost of $290,196 per year for three years (previous yearly cost
              was $180,000).

          •   Special requests at $200 per hour (previous cost was $120 per hour).

      The Sanitation Department receives revenue from a 3 mil sanitation levy, the
      sanitation fee on each water bill, and the sale of bulk refuse item stickers.

      Discussion took place about how to handle the increased costs.

3.   Public Comment

     No public comment was received.

4.   Other Business

     Jonathan Seyferth, City Manager, mentioned that several questions have come up
     regarding the Adelaide Pointe Project and the development project for Hartshorn
     Village. Those that wish to find more information about this project, including
     renderings, can go to the City's website and click on the banner at the top to be brought
     to the Community Engagement Hub where they can find information on several projects
     and initiatives that the city is working on.

5.   Adjournment

     The Work Session meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


                                                                      Respectfully Submitted,

                                                         Ann Marie Meisch, MMC - City Clerk


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