City Commission Worksession Minutes 05-07-2007

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                                   City of Muskegon
                             City Commission Worksession
                                      May 7, 2007
                              City Commission Chambers
                                        5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Spataro, Warmington, Davis, Gawron, Shepherd, Wierengo,
and Carter.
Absent: None.

Update from Gary Post and Russ Strong – Western Avenue Properties
Gary Post and Russ Strong gave an update of the Western Avenue properties.

Update from Dan Harjer – Vida Nova
Open houses are held every Sunday from 11a.m. to 2p.m. It is hoped that the first offer
will be received tomorrow.

Pere Marquette Smoke Free Beach Proposal
Jamie Cross, Alliance of the Great Lakes, made a presentation regarding a Pere
Marquette smoke free beach. Ms. Cross and Commissioners discussed issues around size
of area designated for smoke-free.

Recommendation made to bring to next Commission work session for discussion. Staff
to obtain information on impact to size of area designated for smoke choice.

Procedures: Special Use Permits – Commissioner Davis
Discussion took place on the issuance of Special Use Permits.

Noise Ordinance – Commissioner Davis
Discussion took place regarding music at establishments on the beach. The police chief
will send a letter to those businesses.

Farmers’ Market Relocation – Commissioner Davis
The adequate size of area of new location for Market was discussed.

City Manager Evaluation Form
Summary was given from Commissioner Wierengo of revision of job description and
recommended changes. A suggestion was raised to have the committee tweak the
evaluation and distribute the old and new form to commissioners.

New Fire Station Expense Update
The Commission discussed various items of Fire Station Costs.
Taxicab Licensing
The clerk discussed calls from different companies in reference to rates of cab fares.
Requests have also been received to license all vehicle transportation companies. The
police chief discussed issues with taxi operator background checks.

Motion from Commissioner Carter, second by Commissioner Davis to have staff
prepare an ordinance to repeal the ordinance that requires a taxi operator license.

                                                                   MOTION PASSES

Any other Business
The Commission discussed the address of a Bike Trail Maintenance fund.

Motion by Commissioner Carter, seconded by Commissioner Shepherd to adjourn.

                                                                   MOTION PASSES

                                                            Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                                 City Clerk

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