City Commission Worksession Minutes 02-09-2009

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                                        City of Muskegon
                                  City Commission Worksession
                                        February 9, 2009
                                   City Commission Chambers
                                             5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Warmington (arrived 5:45 p.m.), Wierengo, Shepherd, Wisneski,
Gawron, Carter, and Spataro.
Absent: None.

P resentation: Principal Shopping District/Mainstreet.
Steve Vaugn, City of Norton Shores, owner of 605 W. Western Avenue, Chairman of Downtown
Mainstreet, introduced Dan Rinsema-Sybenga.

Dan Rinsema-Sybenga of Downtown Mainstreet gave a power point presentation of the
summary of the Downtown Muskegon Principal Shopping District proposal.

Ed Garner, President of Muskegon Area First, stated that other funding alternatives are still being

Several Commissioners commented or asked for clarification of the proposal.

Commissioner Wisneski is a member of the Mainstreet and a downtown business owner.

Mainstreet will distribute a survey to those in the proposed district and continue fact finding.

Several business owners in the proposed district made comment against a new tax within the
proposed district.

Mayor Warmington left at 7:10 p.m.

Old Central Fire Station Proposal – Greater Muskegon Blue Sky Lions Club.
Mr. Mike Johnson, 141 W. Pontaluna, Norton Shores, District Governor representing 47 clubs of
the Lions Club, made a presentation. The Lions Club is asking for use of the Old Central Fire
Station to run several programs for the youth. Mr. Johnson explained that Commissioner Clara
Shepherd is President of the newly found club.

It is expected that the building will be mostly used on weekends and will not take up parking
spots during the week. The club will service children ages 4 to 18. The club is hoping for a 50
to 100 year lease. Commissioner Spataro suggested a long term lease for a small monthly fee.

Commissioner Carter left at 7:20 p.m.
Mr. Johnson indicated that the National Lions Club has given funds to the local Lions Club to
support the pilot program in Muskegon.

The Manager indicated that it would be a good item to discuss at the goal setting meeting.

Motion by Commissioner Spataro, seconded by Commissioner Shepherd to adjourn at 7:25

                                                                   MOTION PASSES

                                                             Ann Marie Becker, MMC
                                                                  City Clerk

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