City Commission Worksession Minutes 02-13-2012

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                                      City of Muskegon
                                City Commission Worksession
                                      February 13, 2012
                                 City Commission Chambers
                                           5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Gawron, Hood, Turnquist, German, and Spataro.
Absent: Commissioners Warmington and Wierengo.

Sand Products Proposal.
Cathy Brubaker-Clarke introduced representatives of Mart Dock.

Chuck Canestraight, and Scott Musselman, 560 Mart Street, made a proposal to relocate the
campground located at Fisherman’s Landing to a site at Pigeon Hill and place Sand Products at
Fisherman’s Landing.

They listed the benefits as:
               A more desirable campground with access to Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan
               An additional boat launch at Pigeon Hill will provide access to Muskegon Lake
               from the west end of the lake as well as the east end
               Additional port capacity can be developed at the east end of Muskegon Lake

Deb Hawkins, 1093 Esther Avenue, currently operates Fisherman’s Landing, is concerned of
traffic jams, current access to the highway, the ability to accommodate 150 boats in a
tournament, tent sites, and usage of the channel.

Jerry Symanski, 1500 W. Harbour Towne Circle, Muskegon and President of the Harbour Towne
Association, spoke. The channel in the summer is very crowded, the proposal will be directly on
the houses at Harbour Towne. The association would like to meet with the representatives to
discuss the proposal. They are not 100% against the project, but they would like more time to
evaluate it.

Emma Torreson, 3256 Wilcox, is concerned about the location of the launch ramp and safety
issues. She is not completely against it. It’s good to keep recreation at the west end.

Gary Hartman, Alto, MI, represents the Harbour Towne Marina. He doesn’t believe the proposal
fits the area. The channel is currently congested. Fisherman’s Landing’s location is easy access
to the customers.

Ted Thall, 1647 E. Harbour Towne, responded. His condominium is connected directly to the
proposed site. He is concerned the channel will not be wide enough. He does support some type
of future development on the site. He would like to see a proposal more suitable.

Commissioner Spataro made a statement indicating that the Commission should say no to the
Second Quarter 2011-12 Budget Reforecast.
Tim Paul, Finance Director, stated that the Second Quarter Reforecast is looking well at this

Financial Management Software.
Staff recommends accepting the proposal from BS&A for a new Financial Management
Software in the amount of $125,000 to be paid in three equal installments and an annual
licensing fee of $15,548. A further upgrade is being recommended that will bring the total costs
to $143,000. Staff will ask for approval of $143,000 at the February 14, 2012 Commission

Any Other Business.
Ron Marek, 1635 Nelson, Muskegon, believes if the City waits a few years, the BC Cobb Plant
will be available for dock usage.

Shanta Davey, 4380 Hackley Point Lane, Norton Shores, would like to see the City continue
with sustainability.

Motion by Commissioner Hood, seconded by Commissioner Spataro to adjourn at 6:43

                                                                           MOTION PASSES

                                                             Ann Marie Cummings, MMC
                                                                  City Clerk

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