Housing Board of Appeals Minutes 02-25-2015

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                                  CITY OF MUSKEGON
                          MUSKEGON HOUSING BOARD OF APPEALS
                                   MEETING MINUTES
                                    February 5, 2015
Chairman G. Borgman called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.
ATTENDANCE:           B. Turnquist, W. Krick, B. Arthur, E. Simmons, R. Mackie, K. Kolberg; G.
ABSENT:               None

STAFF:                H. Mitchell; K. Briggs, SAFEbuilt; D. Renkenberger
OTHERS:               R. Shefferly, 4024 Park East Ct, Grand Rapids; D. Miller, 1297 Lakeshore
Meeting Minutes:

B. Arthur stated that an address from the November meeting needed to be corrected: 159 E.
Larch should be 159 W. Larch.
A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of November 6, 2014 with the above correction,
was made by B. Arthur, supported by E. Simmons and unanimously approved.
A motion to retain G. Borgman as Chairman and W. Krick as Vice-chairman was made by R.
Mackie, supported by E. Simmons and unanimously approved.
Old Business:
EN145695 – 1328 Spring – Jesus Aguirre, 2100 Teepee Ave, Carpentersville, IL 60110 (tabled
11/6/14 meeting). This case was tabled for 60 days at the November meeting, with the property
owner directed to contact SAFEbuilt and establish a timeline to get the repairs completed. The
owner did not contact SAFEbuilt, and the taxes are still past due.
A motion to declare the structure substandard, dangerous and a public nuisance was made by R.
Mackie, supported by W. Krick and unanimously approved.
Dangerous Building – New Cases:
EN147359 – 2237 Vincent (all structures) – Roger & Colleen Linstrom, 1257 E. Wilke Rd.,
Rothbury, MI 49452. J. Paulson of SAFEbuilt started the enforcement action to try to get the tree
removed and the home repaired, as the realtor could not get Bank of America to fix the home after
a tree had fallen on it. There was quite a bit of roof damage and it appeared there could be
exposure to the interior of the home from the elements. A Notice and Order was sent 11/14/2014.
Bank of America was in the process of foreclosing on this property; once the Notice and Order
went out, they turned in paperwork stating they no longer had an interest in the property. Bank of
America turned their interest over to Selene Finance. Taxes are current for this property.
H. Mitchell received a phone call from R. Terpstra, who was interested in purchasing this home. He
had informed the realtor that he was interested in the home should the original offer from another
buyer fall through. At that time the tree hadn’t fallen on the house; once the tree fell, the offer on
the home was withdrawn. Mr. Terpstra was informed by the realtor that the City was working on

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having the home declared a dangerous building. He had tried calling Bank of America to see about
purchasing the house but couldn’t reach the proper person. Staff provided Mr. Terpstra with the
information of the financial institution and the two agents that were listed on the vacant building
registration form for this property. He was also advised that he could attend this meeting and see
what could be done to provide more time so he may purchase the home.
R. Shefferly (attorney representing Selene Finance) stated that the Selene Finance would like
more time as they were in the process of soliciting bids to remove the tree and make repairs. He
requested that the board allow them additional time to do that. K. Briggs asked how long they
would need. R. Shefferly hoped that they could have it completed within 60 days. K. Briggs asked
about the condition of the interior of the house. R. Shefferly stated that there appeared to be some
interior damage from the tree, and asked if a City inspector could go through the house with a
representative from Selene. K. Briggs recommended that the board allow more time to get the
house fixed. G. Borgman asked if Mr. Shefferly understood what needed to be done to avoid
demolition of the house. R. Shefferly stated that he did. G. Borgman advised him to stay in
contact with K. Briggs going forward. B. Arthur asked if 60 days would be enough time to do the
repairs. K. Briggs stated that it should be and suggested that as long as the repairs were at least
80% finished; this may not need to come back before the HBA.
A motion to table this case for 60 days to allow the current owner to repair the damage to the
house was made by B. Arthur, supported by R. Mackie and unanimously approved.
EN147622 – 1297 Lakeshore (garage only) – Daniel Miller, 1297 Lakeshore, Muskegon, MI
49441. A Notice and Order was sent on 11/14/2014. Mr. Miller contacted staff and stated he was
working with K. Murar (SAFEbuilt) in regards to the garage repairs. Staff had received complaints
about the garage and suggested that a written timeline for repairs be submitted to the Housing
Board of Appeals for approval. A copy of the letter sent by K. Murar was included in the board
members’ packets. There are no taxes owing for this property.
D. Miller stated that he wished to keep the garage and would need more time. He was currently
using it as a shed and stated that he had cut down the overgrown brush around it. K. Briggs asked
how much time he would need to get the repairs done. D. Miller stated that he needed to wait for
better weather to start, and estimated it would take two to three weeks to finish. K. Briggs stated
that the boarded-up windows were not up to code would need to be replaced. D. Miller stated he
would do that. K. Briggs asked the board what time frame would be acceptable. G. Borgman
suggested that this could be tabled until the June meeting to allow the owner time to get the repairs
A motion to table this case until the June meeting to give the property owner time to repair the
garage, was made by B. Arthur, supported by R. Mackie and unanimously approved.
D. Miller asked what would be required of him as far as house repairs. G. Borgman stated that this
case only concerned the garage, but he should check with SAFEbuilt about any house defects.
Budget - H. Mitchell updated board members on the budget for demolitions.
159 W. Larch – W. Krick asked what the status was on this property. K. Briggs stated that he
would re-contact the company in the spring, to make sure they finished the work.
VanSlooten property – B. Arthur asked for the status on the VanSlooten property. K. Briggs stated
that staff would be meeting next week to discuss the issue and keep moving forward.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

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