Citizens District Council Minutes 08-07-2014

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Citizen’s District Council Meeting
City of Muskegon CDBG
Conference Room 203
Muskegon, Michigan
Thursday, August 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Tom Pastoor, at 5:40 p.m.

Roll call was taken by Laura Hichue
Present:             Tom Pastoor, Chris Carter, Emma Torresen, Addie Sanders-
                     Randall, Rosalind Ford
Absent:              Kim Burr, Billie Quinn, Ken Johnson
Staff Present:       Oneata Bailey, Laura Hichue

After reviewing the May 6, 2014 minutes, a motion was made by Chris Carter to
approve the minutes. Emma Torresen seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Clarification of 10-year Limit for Assistance:

Mrs. Bailey explained that some issues have arisen in the CNS office since the 10 year
limit has been in place. She stated that over the years there have been several
households assisted with different grants besides CDBG, such as NOVA Group, World
Changers, the Lead Program and HOME. Some properties had a lien put in place,
some did not.
She noted that there have been owners coming back for additional assistance, and
those who have a lien from a different program or no lien at all; there is a question
whether they can receive assistance through the CDBG Priority Program. The
department is requesting clarification from the CDC Board what their understanding is of
the assistance being provided to homeowners, is it just dealing with CDBG dollars or
any or the other assistance programs.

Mr. Pastoor asked if they have the mandate to make that decision.

Oneata stated that she had her thought about it but wanted to hear from citizens as

Mrs. Torresen asked if Oneata was asking the Board to set policy.

Oneata stated that is was just for clarification on how the department manages policy
and program for Muskegon and Norton Shores.

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Oneata said that Norton Shores’ program is slightly different in that they lien everything
that is done, as Muskegon only liens projects $3500 or more. She further explained that
the summer intern has been going over the lien list from the last 4 years and looked at
owners who received more than one assistance. Even though the totals were not over
$3500 for a lien, they still received more than one assistance.

Mr. Pastoor stated that he feels 10 years is 10 years for the same owner.

Mr. Carter asked what office do homeowners go to for assistance.

Oneata stated the Community and Neighborhood Services office.

Mr. Carter said that he interprets it is that if any assistance was received from the
Community and Neighborhood Services office it encompasses anything in that 10 year
span. He asked if something should be written for the Commission to pass so it is in
writing and clear.

Oneata stated she didn’t see the need for an ordinance at t his point, that CNS was
running programs and managing the programs through that office to help stabilize
neighborhoods. Oneata noted that the Vinyl Siding Program was separate from the
Priority Program and this year there is a Target Area Program that will include painting,
especially in the Historic District.

Mr. Pastoor repeated his thought that 10 years was 10 years.

Mrs. Sanders-Randall asked what if there is a true emergency situation.

Oneata stated that the department does refer those that are ineligible to other agencies,
such as DHS.

Mr. Carter clarified that if people come in for assistance over a 10 year period and the
amounts are under $3500; they should be assisted until it accumulatively reaches

Mrs. Torresen asked what is the work required to monitor those owners that aren’t

Oneata stated it can be highlighted on a spreadsheet to show that they did receive more
than one assistance and will show how much they have received and when.

Mr. Carter stated the 10 year period would start at the date of the last service received.


State NAM Convention in Muskegon – Information about the convention was passed
out to the board members. Oneata reviewed what the State NAM was.

Mr. Pastoor asked about the Neighborhood Grants money. He asked if there was an
application and if it was accessible yet.

Oneata stated one neighborhood had applied.

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Oneata explained that the total grant was $25,000. She stated that there has to be
supporting documentation submitted with the application.

Mr. Pastoor asked if there was a specific designation, such as Capital Improvements,
required to apply for the grant.

Oneata stated there was not.

Mr. Pastoor stated their need is more for maintenance of the park, such as sprinkler
heads, wood chips, etc.

Oneata stated that the City annually selects a park to spruce up and McLaughlin could
be next year.

Discussion took place regarding padding groundcover to replace wood chips and other
types of groundcover requiring less maintenance.

Oneata announced that the HUD money is coming; CNS received an e-mail from HUD
and would be a matter of signatures to have the funds.


Mr. Pastoor asked if any houses had been sold.

Oneata stated that 2035 Harding sold for $85,000; the buyer was given a $10,000
subsidy so there is a $10,000 lien on the property.

Oneata also reported on the Homebuyer Assistance Program; CNS will be notifying the
realtors soon to get that program underway.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 2, 2014.

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