Citizens District Council Minutes 02-02-2017

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Citizen’s District Council Meeting
City of Muskegon CDBG
Conference Room 203
Muskegon, Michigan
February 2, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Samantha Pulos at 5:38 pm.

Roll call was taken by Samantha Pulos, and a quorum was present.

       Present:
            Lisa Judge                                Addie Sanders-Randall
            Veania Coleman                            Kim Burr
            Kim McDonald

       Absent:

       Excused:

               Chris Carter
               Ken Johnson
               Tom Pastoor

       Staff Present:
            Oneata Bailey
            Samantha Pulos-Porter

Veania Coleman motioned to approve the minutes, from November 3rd, 2016; Kim Burr seconded the
motion, which passed unanimously.


       Meeting Schedule – (Standing Cancelations)

Ms. Pulos asked if everyone had a meeting schedule. Oneata stated that today’s meeting was scheduled for
February 2nd because she will not be in the office next week at its normally scheduled time. She also
stated that we had a new person and that it was important to hold a meeting since we were into a new
year. She also made comment to the fact that the new person (Ms. Judge) did not receive notice and was
not in attendance for November’s meeting and that she wanted to make sure we met and had a review.
Veania Coleman stated that she thought that she and the other person started the same day. Oneata talked
about the schedule that had been handed out was for people’s records and proposed to not have the July
4th meeting. Mrs. Sanders-Randall motioned to not meet for the July 4th meeting due to the holiday and
Ms. Coleman seconded the motion. Oneata mentioned that on the schedule of meetings the December
meeting was also highlighted and they could chose to vote later on cancelling that meeting as well. The
motion then passed unanimously.


       New Members

Oneata stated that we had a new member, Lisa Judge. She asked Lisa to tell the council about herself. Ms.
Judge went on to say that she is getting her Bachelor degree in Human Services from Baker College and
that she is also the house manager at a group home program for girls aged 18 – 24 that have aged out of
the foster care system. There was general discussion that Ms. Judge had met everyone previously and that
the home called “Step Up” was on Peck St. by Jim’s Insurance. Lisa explained that the girls that took part
of the program could not be pregnant, had to volunteer, work, attend school or a combination for at least
30 hours to qualify. She also explained that the rules and boundaries set by the program were the hardest
part of getting participants sometimes. She further discussed community needs for emergency services.
Then everyone went around the table and introduced themselves.

       Overview (timeline/CAPER)

Oneata talked about the two different pots of money we receive – CDBG and HOME. She went on to say
that CDBG’s two main programs – Priority Home Repair and the Vinyl Siding Program are run by Carrie
(Kotchka) and that you have to income qualify to take advantage of either program. She talked about the
10 year service limitation, how the clientele is getting older, how other agencies refer people in need to us
all the time. She also stated that CNS is limited to helping residents of the City of Muskegon and Norton
Shores. She also mentioned that CNS also gets calls from Muskegon Heights and refers them back to the
Heights or to the County if they live outside city limits. She mentioned the DTE program also. She stated
that with HOME funds we either rehab homes or build new houses to sell to families in need, and that
everything we do is based on income. She also talked about 1477 Nolan, and that it sold for $125,000. Kim
Burr stated that it was in Pinch Town and had a ravine that ran behind it. There was general discussion
about how nice 2112 Sampson is. Oneata stated that the profits from the sale of those homes are used now
to help with down payment assistance and that the Down Payment Assistance Program has assisted over
50 people with up to $5000 in the last two years. She also said that the only neighborhoods we haven’t
found a house to rehab or build in are East Muskegon, Sheldon Park and Glenside. Kim McDonald asked
if that was as far as doing a renovation and Oneata answered that it was in regards to renovating a house
or building a new one. Ms. Coleman asked Oneata why that was. Oneata stated the houses selling in
Glenside were very pricey and that we always want to bring the properties up to code. Kim McDonald
mentioned a house that was available and had been sitting for some time. Oneata talked about since the
beginning of the program that CNS had built or rehabbed over 60 properties and sold them. She went on
to talk about a duplex we have on Wood St. and a leased home a couple blocks from our Midtown Square
property, that are still available and our new luxury homes and are available to anyone. She went on to say
that our homes are only available to income qualified buyers. She talked about our Sampson home being
close to being done and that we will have an open house on Valentine’s Day. Oneata gave directions to the
home. Ms. Coleman described going by the house when the windows were not in yet. Oneata stated that it
was complete now and that we just received our Certificate of Occupancy. Kim Burr asked if we needed a
home in the Oakview Neighborhood or East Muskegon. Oneata stated the East Muskegon Neighborhood.
Kim Burr asked if the East Muskegon Neighborhood was over by Austin St. Oneata agreed that it was and
was also by Continental St. Kim Burr said that HUD had a house listed in the Oakview Neighborhood.
Oneata talked about the East Muskegon area being right on Getty St. She also made mention of the
property we owned on Dowd in the Campbell Field Neighborhood. Kim Burr stated that a lot of lenders
won’t foreclose in the month of December. Oneata went on to talk about a conversation with George from
1st General Credit Union where he told her that there are only 435 homes for sale in Muskegon right now,
an all-time low for the area. Ms. Coleman stated that the housing market must be rising. Oneata agreed
and went on to say how, for the current year, everything that we do, we are tracking and entering into the
HUD system and that we owe them a report on that information called the CAPER. She described the
transition from one program year into the next. She also said that next time that CDC meets, we will go
over the plan for the next program year. There was also general discussion about the Boys and Girls Club
in Muskegon, as well as, a church downtown with a before and after school program, and where the YMCA
office was now located. Ms. Coleman asked about the possibility of summer youth program. Oneata
described the restrictions of the program and that the reason why we didn’t give them money this time
because she felt the program wasn’t reaching the average student. She described some of the struggles of
the average high school student to gain experience and the previous youth program was targeting youth
19-24 or with very specific criteria. She went over other programs that are still in effect. Ms. Coleman
asked about the fate of Froebel School. Oneata stated that it was up to the school superintendent. Ms.
Sanders stated that he attended the CRC reception. General discussion was made about the reception.
Oneata talked about our new president and the changes that could come from that with him appointing
new cabinet members. It was also mentioned by multiple members of the group that Dr. Ben Carson will
be the new head of HUD. Oneata stated that the changes will begin with program year 2018. Lisa Judge
talked about God being in charge of the agenda no matter who the president is and that she felt things will
work out.

Samantha Pulos mentioned that they had been covered. The group agreed and moved on.

       1477 Nolan
       2112 Sampson

Kim Burr motion to adjourn at 6:23 pm, Veania Coleman seconded the motion, which was unanimously

Next Meeting:
The next meeting date is: March 7th, 2017

There was general discussion about the Habitat House on Lincoln as well as prioritizing funds for
upcoming year. This was agreed to be talked about at the next meeting.

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