Citizens District Council Minutes 10-03-2017

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Citizen’s District Council Meeting
City of Muskegon CDBG
Conference Room 103
Muskegon, Michigan
October 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Veania Coleman at 5:32 pm.

Roll call was taken by Samantha Pulos-Porter, and a quorum was present.

    Present:
         Ken Johnson - Commissioner
         Jeremy Lenertz
         Addie Sanders-Randall
         Lisa Judge
         Veania Coleman
    Absent:
         Kim McDonald
         Tom Pastoor
         Kim Burr
    Excused:

    Staff Present:
          Oneata Bailey
          Samantha Pulos-Porter

Jeremy Lenertz motioned to approve the minutes, from September 5th, 2017; Addie Sanders-
Randall seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

     Oneata Bailey reported that there were no comments received during the comment period
     for the CAPER. The final draft was submitted to HUD. She explained that the report is
     now submitted through HUD’s IDIS (Integrated Disbursement and Information System).
     Reporting on IDIS is the manner that we setup activity and report what we are doing to
       HUD. Snapshot of whether or not we met our parameters for spending monies. Congress
       can see picture of our activity. Jeremey Lenertz asked if we report with Muskegon
       Heights and Norton Shores. He also asked if percentages were skewed because we do
       report together. Oneata went on to say that yes we did and that we each individually enter
       what we do and who we have served, so the numbers accurately represent the population
       helped. She described that the process works better if everyone enter their information at
       the same time. This year Norton Shores had to accommodate their city council meeting
       date and ended up submitting three days late. Veania asked if their lateness affected
       Muskegon and Oneata stated that is would not. When report is approved by HUD, it will
       be emailed to CDC Members and also on the City’s Website.


       CDC Members’ terms of service were discussed. Every representative except Veania
       Coleman’s and Thomas Pastoor’s terms expire 1/31/18. Theirs expire 1/31/19. If
       members would like to continue, they can elect to extend their term. Veania Coleman
       asked the meaning of a ward. Oneata explained that the City was broke down into voting
       wards and for matters of the CDC according to the bylaws, each ward needs to have a
       representative on the council. Veania also asked if Ms.Sanders-Randall leaves, would she
       move into the role of ward representative. Oneata explained that you stay on in whatever
       capacity that you came onto the board.


Jeremey Lenertz motioned to adjourn the meeting, Addie Sanders-Randall seconded the motion,
which passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting date is: December 5, 2017

Sappi smoke stacks demolition and demolition of the old Chase Piano Factory was discussed.
Commissioner Johnson explained there has been a cooperative effort between the City and the
CNS FUTURE PLANS: Oneata talked about four lots in Campbell field on Dowd that CNS is
considering building on. She said that CNS would like to build two home there and the procured
architect would like to build three.

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