Planning Commission Minutes 11-14-2013

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                                                 CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                               PLANNING COMMISSION
                                                  SPECIAL MEETING

                                                    November 14, 2013

Chairman T. Michalski called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:                         F. Peterson, J. Doyle, B. Larson, T. Michalski, L. Spataro, S. Gawron,
                                         S. Wisneski

MEMBERS ABSENT:                          B. Mazade, excused; B. Smith, excused

STAFF PRESENT:                           M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:                          T. Vruggink, GMB Architects; H. Kaplan, County of Muskegon


A motion that the minutes of the special meeting of October 31, 2013 be approved, was made by B.
Larson, supported by F. Peterson and unanimously approved.




Case 2013-13: Request for a site plan review for an addition to the building at 990 Terrace Street, by
Muskegon County. M. Franzak presented the staff report. Muskegon County will be expanding its
current jail facility located at 990 Terrace Street (also known as 25 West Walton Avenue). The entire
addition will be located on the same parcel as the current jail and Hall of Justice. The parcel is zoned
B-5, Governmental Services district, and a principal use permitted in this district is listed as
“Expansion of an existing secure correctional facility operated by the Muskegon County Sheriff's
Department.” The property contains 3.65 acres. The current Hall of Justice and jail is 29,849 square
feet. The building addition measures 29,960 square feet and will be 62 feet high. The County was
granted a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals in October to construct a portion of the building
no less than 2’6” from the front property line on Pine Street. This will be a screened area containing
mechanical equipment. The building addition will be constructed on the current parking lot. A total of
166 parking spaces will be lost, while 46 spaces will stay on site. There is also an additional parking
lot across Pine Street with 92 spaces, and the County recently received site plan approval for another
parking lot at 902 Pine Street with 46 new spaces. Those plans include the demolition of the former
antiques mall building. There will be a net loss of 74 spaces; however, staff feels that the number of
parking spaces is adequate for this type of development. The plan calls for bump-outs to be placed on
both sides of Pine Street near the corner of Pine and Walton, and near the southern entrance to slow
traffic for pedestrians. The landscaping plan exceeds the requirements of the zoning ordinance. There
will be an addition of 39 trees and multiple raised planting beds consisting of shrubs and flowers.
These improvements will be paid for by Muskegon County. The City’s Fire, Police, Engineering,

Planning Commission Minutes – 11/14/13                                                                            1
Planning and Public Works Departments have reviewed the plans and do not have any concerns. The
consultants have worked closely with staff on the development of the site plan.

M. Franzak explained the parking situation. T. Michalski asked who owned the lot at Pine & Walton.
H. Kaplan stated that the County was in the process of purchasing it. B. Larson asked for further
explanation of the bump-outs described for pedestrian crossing. T. Vruggink provided details on the
L. Spataro arrived at 4:05 p.m.
L. Spataro was concerned with aesthetic issues regarding the utility enclosure, since it would be
located right along the sidewalk. T. Vruggink stated that the enclosure would be brick, and they would
screen it with landscaping. He provided a video presentation of project renderings including building
placement, landscaping and parking. B. Larson asked if they would be using any “green” practices. T.
Vruggink stated that they would be using as many sustainable practices as they could. S. Wisneski
stated that he was opposed to the utility enclosure being so visible from the street. T. Vruggink
explained why they chose that location. He stated the mechanical equipment would need good airflow
so it could not be hidden within the complex. It was not feasible to put it on the roof due to the extra
costs involved. S. Gawron stated that the ability to access the utilities was critical, due to the nature of
the facility. L. Spataro stated that he was not in favor of adding more parking to the north side of
Walton Street; he thought that the parking as proposed would be sufficient. He stated that the
welcoming building face on Apple Avenue would be an improvement over the current layout.

A motion that the site plan for a building addition at 990 Terrace Street be approved as proposed, was
made by B. Larson, supported by S. Gawron and unanimously approved.




1144 Third Street – Property owners of 1144 3rd St. presented a proposal to get the Planning
Commission’s input before they proceeded. They wanted to move the car sales lot from 1144 3rd to a
vacant building across the street. M. Franzak discussed the current use of the properties and presented
a couple of options that would allow car sales at that location, including a rezoning or a planned unit
development. L. Spataro stated that he was not in favor of a rezoning, and that a PUD extension made
more sense. Car sales were a historic use at that location, but he wouldn’t want all uses in a B-4 zone
to be allowed there. He asked why they wanted to move the car sales from the current location. Mr.
Curtis stated that there were other plans being discussed for the current location.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:08 p.m.

Planning Commission Minutes – 11/14/13                                                                    2

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