Planning Commission Minutes 02-13-2014

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                                                CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                              PLANNING COMMISSION
                                                REGULAR MEETING

                                                   February 13, 2014

Chairman T. Michalski called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:                        J. Doyle, T. Michalski, B. Larson, L. Spataro, B. Mazade, S. Gawron, B.

MEMBERS ABSENT:                         F. Peterson, excused; S. Wisneski

STAFF PRESENT:                          M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:                         J. Hughes, Hughes Builders; S. Kutches, Aerofoil, 1920 Port City Blvd.


A motion that the minutes of the regular meeting of January 16, 2014 be approved, with the correction
that B. Larson is excused, was made by S. Gawron, supported by J. Doyle and unanimously approved.

Case 2014-04: Request for a site plan review for a 14,440 square-foot addition to the building at 1920
Port City Blvd, by Aerofoil International. M. Franzak presented the staff report. The property is
zoned I-2, General Industrial and has a total area of 2.35 acres. The existing building is 30,000 square
feet, and the addition will be 14,400 square feet of industrial space. There will also be a 1,100 square-
foot canopy addition to the east of the building in the back. A new asphalt drive will connect this area
to the current parking lot. The rear and side setback requirements for I-2 districts are each 10 feet.
The proposed side setback to the south is 15’6” and the proposed rear setback is 14’4”. There is a
proposed loading dock in front of the addition that will connect the building to Port City Blvd. There
are currently 58 parking spaces on site. There are no additional parking spaces proposed, as the
company does not feel there is a need for additional parking at this time. There is room for future
additional parking at the northwest and northeast corners of the property if needed. The plan includes
stormwater calculations and proposes to maintain additional stormwater in swales located on the
southern and eastern portions of the property. The Engineering, Public Works, Fire and Police
Departments have reviewed the plans and do not have any comments or concerns. The Planning
Department recommends the following changes to the plan: a) Landscaping: a landscaping plan shall be
included for the front and side setbacks of the building. All required front setbacks shall be landscaped
with a minimum of one (1) canopy or shade tree, two (2) understory or evergreen trees and (2) shrubs, for
each thirty (30) lineal feet (or major portion thereof) of frontage abutting the right-of-way. Additional
landscaping may be required adjacent to buildings to break up long building expanses and walls void of
windows. Also, all trees/shrubs that must be removed for the addition of the swale shall be noted and
replaced somewhere else on the property where possible; and b) The proposed loading dock should
include a paved turning radius so that trucks do not have to back in from the road. Staff recommends
approval of the request for site plan approval for the building addition.
B. Smith asked if the company would be adding any new employees. S. Kutches stated that he would
be adding some, and would run two shifts.
Planning Commission Minutes – 2/13/14                                                                            1
L. Spataro arrived at 4:10 p.m.
S. Kutches explained the plans for the building addition and layout. He stated that they may add some
parking in front of the building, but he would maintain the 30-foot grassy area there. B. Larson asked
if they were aware of staff’s recommendations regarding the trees and the truck turnaround area. J.
Hughes stated that the had discussed it with S. Kutches and they would work with staff to address
those concerns.

A motion that the site plan for a 14,400 square-foot building addition at 1920 Port City Blvd, be
approved, with the condition that staff approves a revised site plan with the corrections listed in #8 of
the staff report, was made by B. Larson, supported by J. Doyle and unanimously approved.




Zoning Ordinance update – M. Franzak updated board members on the progress of the zoning
ordinance update. He hoped to have a public meeting on the issue in March.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:21 p.m.

Planning Commission Minutes – 2/13/14                                                                  2

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