Planning Commission Minutes 07-10-2014

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                                        CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                      PLANNING COMMISSION
                                        REGULAR MEETING

                                               July 10, 2014

Chairman T. Michalski called the meeting to order at 4:01 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:               J. Doyle, T. Michalski, B. Larson, B. Smith, L. Spataro, B. Mazade, S.
                               Gawron, S. Wisneski, F. Peterson

MEMBERS ABSENT:                None

STAFF PRESENT:                 M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:                D. Mayville, BMA Architects; E. Wilgenburg, Newkirk Electric; J. Selmon,
                               Muskegon Community College


A motion that the minutes of the regular meeting of May 15, 2014 be approved, was made by B. Mazade,
supported by S. Wisneski and unanimously approved.


Hearing, Case 2014-08: Request for an alley vacation for the alley between Vulcan Street and
Brunswick Street from Nims Street to Keating Avenue, by Newkirk Electric. M. Franzak presented the
staff report. Nims and Vulcan Streets were recently vacated so that Newkirk Electric could utilize their
property at 1975 Vulcan Street and fence in all of their properties. Newkirk would now like to vacate the
alley between Vulcan and Brunswick Streets from Nims to Keating to provide additional space for their
operations. This would also help with maintenance of the area, since it would be difficult for anyone to
maintain the alley once a fence is put up between the company and the residential homes. Notice was sent
to property owners and tenants abutting the affected alley.

Board members verified that the required public notices had been made and that staff had received no
objections or comments from the public. M. Franzak stated that was correct.

A motion to close the public hearing was made by B. Smith, supported by B. Larson and unanimously

A motion that the vacation of the alley between Vulcan Street and Brunswick Street, from Nims Street to
Keating Avenue be recommended to City Commission for approval, based on compliance with the City’s
1997 Master Land Use Plan, was made by J. Doyle, supported by B. Smith and unanimously approved.

Hearing, Case 2014-09: Staff-initiated request to extend the current Master Plan. Per the Michigan
Zoning and Enabling Act, the City must pass a resolution every five years to either update the Master Plan
or extend the current Master Plan. Staff has recommended extending the current Master Plan while we
update the Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Commission had previously indicated their support of
extending the plan, but a public hearing is also required. Staff has given the proper notices to the other
local jurisdictions and has received no comments. The issue is now ready for a final vote.

B. Mazade stated that there had been a lot of changes in the City since the last Master Plan, but its purpose
was to serve as a guide, not a strict interpretation. T. Michalski suggested setting a timeline for updating
the plan. L. Spataro asked that the master plan issue be addressed before the next deadline. M. Franzak
Planning Commission Minutes – 7/10/14                                                                       1
stated that the consultants who were currently working on form based codes for the City were also looking
at some other areas of town, so that information should be useful when updating the plan. S. Gawron stated
that action by the Planning Commission was needed for compliance with state regulations.

A motion to close the public hearing was made by B. Mazade, supported by L. Spataro and unanimously

A motion that the City of Muskegon extend the current Master Plan was made by B. Mazade, supported by
S. Gawron and unanimously approved.


Case 2014-010: Request for a site plan review for a building addition at 221 S. Quarterline Road, by
Muskegon Community College. M. Franzak presented the staff report. The proposed one-story addition
measures 17,600 square feet and will be located on the northeast side of the existing main school building.
The property is zoned RM-1, Low Density Multiple Family Residential. The site plan meets all applicable
setback requirements, with the front setback off Quarterline Road being 53 feet. Their parking
requirements will still be met with this addition and no new parking spaces are planned. Staff is requesting
the following changes to the site plan: a) A landscaping plan must be submitted. There will be nine oak
trees and two pine trees removed for this development. Staff is requesting that these trees be replaced
somewhere else on site, in addition to the other landscaping requirements; b) The temporary gravel drive
needs to be asphalt to contain erosion; and c) Location of all existing fire hydrants at and near property
shall be shown on the site plan. Fire hydrants shall comply with IFC appendix C. Staff would also like to
make the applicant aware of the following requirements: a) Water supply fire flow test shall be conducted
and submitted to the Fire Marshall, b) Soil Erosion permit is required from Muskegon County Public
Works, and c) When working on water main, contact Dave Baker at 724-4184 for valves to be turned

M. Franzak stated that, regarding the paving of the temporary gravel drive, he was going to talk to the City
Engineer to determine what could be done to minimize erosion, rather than requiring that the whole thing
be paved. L. Spataro asked if the project required DEQ or County drain commissioner approval. M.
Franzak stated that the County would have to approve a soil erosion permit. D. Mayville represented the
applicant. He stated the building would be LEED-certified and they were very aware of environmental
issues. He explained the site work and landscaping that would be done. He stated that they were installing
a rain garden and a geothermal system, all of which was being communicated to the DEQ. J. Doyle asked
if parking spaces would be added. D. Mayville stated that the campus currently had more parking spaces
than required, and they would not be adding more.


I move tA motion that the site plan for the building addition at 221 South Quarterline Road be (approved,
/denied/ tabled) with the following condition that :

A.     Cthe comments in item #6 of the staff report are addressed and approved by staff, was made by L.
Spataro, supported by B. Smith and unanimously approved.




Planning Commission Minutes – 7/10/14                                                                     2
J. Doyle asked about the former Michigan Steel Foundry property. F. Peterson stated that City staff has
been meeting with the property owners.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m.

Planning Commission Minutes – 7/10/14                                                                3

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