Planning Commission Minutes 03-12-2015

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                                  CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                PLANNING COMMISSION
                                   SPECIAL MEETING

                                        March 12, 2015

Chairman T. Michalski called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:             T. Michalski, B. Mazade, S. Wisneski, J. Doyle, L. Spataro, S.
                             Gawron, F. Peterson

MEMBERS ABSENT:              B. Larson, excused; B. Smith, excused

STAFF PRESENT:               M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:              J. Bossenbroek, 900 3rd St.; J. Sytsema, 737 E. Apple Ave.


A motion that the minutes of the special meeting of February 25, 2015 be approved, was made
by S. Wisneski, supported by J. Doyle and unanimously approved.

Hearing, Case 2015-05: Request for a Special Use Permit to allow a crematory in a B-4,
General Business district at 773 E. Apple Ave, by Sytsema Properties, LLC. M. Franzak
presented the staff report. Crematories are allowed as a Special Land Use in B-4, General
Business Districts. There are two buildings on this parcel. The crematory would be installed at
773 E. Apple, the building to the east on the property. The nearest residential unit to this
building is about 150 feet away. A map was provided to board members showing how many
properties were within 300 feet of the subject property. The applicant is proposing to use a
Facultatieve model of crematory. Notice was sent to properties within 300 feet of the property.
J. Nanzer of 746 E. Isabella called to say that he is opposed to the request. He was concerned
with pollution of the night sky.
B. Mazade asked if the Planning Commission could approve the equipment used. M. Franzak
stated that they could; Sytsema’s planned to use the same type of equipment that was presented
in their proposal at the January 2015 meeting. L. Spataro asked if there were any changes from
the January proposal. J. Bossenbroek stated that there were no changes. They had applied to the
state for the necessary permits, and had a representative from Facultatieve Technologies on hand
to answer any questions. Board members concurred that enough information was presented at
the earlier meeting and had no further questions.
A motion to close the public hearing was made by S. Wisneski, supported by F. Peterson and
unanimously approved.

A motion that the special land use permit, per Section 2203 of Article XXII of the Zoning

Ordinance, to allow a crematory at 737 East Apple Avenue, in a B-4, General Business district,
by Sytsema Properties, LLC be approved based on compliance with the City’s Master Land Use
Plan and conditions set forth in Section 2203 of the City of Muskegon Zoning Ordinance, with
the condition that the type of crematory equipment to be installed is that from Facultatieve
Technologies which was presented at the January 2015 Planning Commission meeting, was
made by L. Spataro, supported by S. Wisneski and unanimously approved, with T. Michalski, B.
Mazade, S. Wisneski, J. Doyle, L. Spataro, S. Gawron, F. Peterson voting aye.

Hearing, Case 2015-03: Request for final Planned Unit Development approval for a multi-
family housing development at 30 E. Clay Ave, 4 W. Clay Ave and 48 E. Western Ave, by
General Capital Group. M. Franzak stated that he received word that the applicants had met with
the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and had decided not to pursue
the project at this time.






There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:08 p.m.


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