Historic District Minutes 05-01-2012

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                                   CITY OF MUSKEGON
                             HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION
                                   REGULAR MEETING

                                            May 1, 2012

Chairperson J. Hilt called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:              J. Hilt, S. Kroes, L. Spataro, D. Mayville, L. Wood

MEMBERS ABSENT:               S. Radtke, excused; K. Panozzo

STAFF PRESENT:                M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:               J. Kieling, 5691 17 Mile, Cedar Springs ; D. LaBrenz, City of
                              Muskegon Inspection Services; J. Schafer, 1782 Jefferson; A. Haan,
                              Muskegon Area First


A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of April 3, 2012 was made by L. Wood, supported
by S. Kroes and unanimously approved.


Case 2012-09 – 591 West Western Avenue. Applicant: James Kieling. District: Clay-Western.
Current Function: Vacant Commercial/Residential. The applicant is seeking approval to reconstruct
the front corner of the building with textured cinder blocks. It was damaged when the building next
door to it was demolished, since they were attached.

J. Kieling provided a sample of the block to be used. It was a textured split-face block, light tan in
color. D. Mayville asked if he had looked into using brick for the repairs. J. Kieling stated that he
had, but it was not feasible. He stated that he considered several types of block and thought this one
was the most appealing and would fit in best with the neighboring buildings. L. Spataro was
concerned about the structural stability of the building. He, D. Mayville, and J. Kieling discussed
concerns over building materials and the stability of the structure. J. Kieling stated that he would
make sure the materials were compatible with what was there and would make sure the new blocks
were property installed and anchored. D. LaBrenz stated that he, as the City’s building official,
would also check to make sure the repairs were done properly. Aesthetics were also discussed. L.
Spataro and D. Mayville stated that, although they were not thrilled with the proposed blocks to be
used, they understood that there were limited options.

A motion that the HDC approve the request to reconstruct the front corner of the building using the
textured concrete blocks as proposed, as long as all zoning requirements are met, the necessary
permits are obtained, and the reconstruction of the corner meets the structural requirements of the
building, was made by D. Mayville, supported by L. Spataro and unanimously approved.

HDC Minutes 5/01/12                                                                                 1

Case 2012-07 – 1782 Jefferson Street. Applicant: Jim Schafer. District: Jefferson. Current Function:
Residential. The applicant is seeking approval to replace the wood windows with vinyl windows.
He indicates that he is choosing vinyl over wood due to durability, energy efficiency, and cost
considerations. This case was tabled at last month’s meeting because board members had questions
about the materials to be used.

J. Schafer stated that he did not want the single pane wooden windows; he preferred the double
pane low-E windows that were more energy efficient. He stated that he had checked with Muskegon
Glass regarding other options, but there was nothing feasible for a reasonable cost. L. Spataro
stated that the shape, size, and configuration of the new windows must match what was currently
there. J. Schafer stated that he would not be making any modifications to the current window sizes
and configurations; however, there were two windows on the side that were different from the rest,
and he wanted them all to match when he got the new windows. Board members concurred that
those windows could be changed to match all the other windows.

A motion that the HDC approve the request to replace the wood windows with vinyl, as long as the
original window openings/size and configurations are retained, and any necessary permits are
obtained, was made by S. Kroes, supported by L. Wood and unanimously approved.


Promotion of homes in the Historic Districts – J. Hilt asked board members to come up with a list of
questions for realtors, and to share those at next month’s meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

HDC Minutes 5/01/12                                                                               2

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