Historic District Minutes 04-07-2020

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                                  CITY OF MUSKEGON

                          HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION

                           MEETING CANCELLATION NOTICE

The regular meeting of the Historic District Commission scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020,
has been cancelled due to the City Hall closure.
City Hall will be closed to visitors beginning Monday, March 16 th through Monday April 13th due
to community mitigation strategies from MDHHS. All doors will be locked, with the exception of
the Walton Avenue entrance and the Police entrance; there will be no admittance to the building
beyond the service windows for Treasury and Police Records will. Residents are encouraged to
contact the city departments via telephone to determine if/how we can conduct business
requests without visiting city facilities. Residents should use US Mail, email, payment drop boxes,
or online payment options rather than hand-delivering payments or other communications to
the city.

Assessing Office:                                           231-724-6386
Cemetery:                                                   231-724-6783
Clerk’s Office:                                             231-724-6705
Community & Neighborhood Services:                          231-724-6717
Community Police Officers:                                  231-724-6739
Code Enforcement:                                           231-724-6702
Fire Department:                                            231-724-6792 Emergency Dial 911
Forestry:                                                   231-724-6783
Income Tax:                                                 231-724-6770
Inspection Services:                                        231-724-6715
Manager’s Office:                                           231-724-6724
Mayor’s Office:                                             231-724-6701
Planning, Zoning & Economic Development:                    231-724-6702
Police:                                                     231-724-6750 Emergency Dial 911
Public Works:                                               231-724-4100
Waste/Garbage Pickup:                                       231-724-4100
Water/Sewer Billing:                                        231-724-6718

              More contact information can be found at www.shorelinecity.com

The City of Muskegon is cancelling evening meetings except for City Commission meetings until
April 13, 2020. This includes all meetings that require public access by law, such as Commissions,
Boards, Committees, etc., and all Neighborhood Association meetings. Residents are being
encouraged to attend City Commission meetings only if doing so is unavoidable. Meetings will
be streamed live on Facebook and television.

We look forward to seeing you back at city facilities very soon. This action is being taken only as
a precaution to avoid the unnecessary spreading of COVID-19. Please be diligent about following
CDC guidelines to avoid contraction or spreading of the virus. The city’s leadership team will be
meeting daily to stay abreast of any changes; please follow our social media outlets for the most
up-to-date information. Thank you for your cooperation.

Frank Peterson
City Manager

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