Historic District Minutes 10-06-2009

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                                   CITY OF MUSKEGON
                             HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION
                                   REGULAR MEETING

                                           October 6, 2009

Chairperson J. Hilt called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:               J. Hilt, D. Mayville, K. Panozzo, L. Spataro, S. Kroes

MEMBERS ABSENT:                L. Wood, excused

STAFF PRESENT:                 M. Franzak, D. Leafers

OTHERS PRESENT:                J. Hansen, Muskegon Rescue Mission, 1691 Peck St; Mr. & Mrs.
                               Glancy, 4910 Sunset Dr, Fremont; W. Griffin, Community &
                               Neighborhood Services Department


A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of September 1, 2009 was made by L. Spataro,
supported by K. Panozzo and unanimously approved.


Case 2009-17 – 1691 Peck Street. Applicant: Muskegon Rescue Mission. District: Clinton-Peck.
Class: A. Current Function: Institutional/Residential. M. Franzak presented the staff report. The
applicant is seeking approval to remove the screened porch on the north side of the building. The
structure and the cement pad will be removed and grass and shrubbery will be planted in the area.
Staff recommends that the porch be repaired if possible.

J. Hansen explained the Mission’s plans for the porch area. He stated that they had looked into the
possibility of having it repaired, but it was cost prohibitive. Their contractor believed that the porch
was not part of the original structure. Rescue Mission personnel were concerned that its secluded
location could be a safety hazard, in addition to its deteriorating physical condition. K. Panozzo
asked if there was another location that allowed residents to be outdoors. J. Hansen stated that there
was a more secure, fenced outdoor area on the other side of the building. D. Mayville asked what
was on the building’s exterior behind the porch addition, since it would be exposed if the porch
were removed. J. Hansen stated that there was brick there, like the rest of the building.

A motion that the HDC approve the request to remove the screened porch as proposed, as long as all
zoning requirements are met and the necessary permits are obtained, was made by D. Mayville,
supported by L. Spataro and unanimously approved.

Case 2009-18 – 1164 Terrace Street. Applicant: Mike Glancy. District: McLaughlin. Class: A.
Current Function: Residential. M. Franzak presented the staff report. The applicant is seeking
approval for the following exterior projects: 1) Replace wood windows with vinyl, 2) Install a
wrought iron-style fence around the property, and 3) repair the porch/balcony and the porch on the

HDC Minutes10/6/09                                                                                    1
Delaware St. side of the home. The applicant stated that further information and plans would be
provided at the meeting. Staff will withhold recommendation until further information is presented.

M. Glancy stated that they would like to replace the home’s wooden windows with custom-made
vinyl ones. He would like to retain the style of the current windows, but needed better energy
efficiency. L. Spataro asked about the curved glass windows. M. Glancy stated that they would
retain the architecturally significant windows such as those with curved, leaded, and stained glass.
M. Glancy stated that they wished to erect a wrought iron-look fence around the property, to be six
feet tall with some areas being four feet tall. He wasn’t sure exactly which type of metal they were
going to use, but it would be the traditional wrought iron look and would include two gates for
vehicle access. L. Spataro discussed the fence height and stated that four feet was the maximum
fence height in a front yard. M. Glancy stated that the fence in front of the house would be four feet
high. M. Glancy addressed the porches next. He stated that the side porch was found to have
structural damage, and he would to remove it. It was not original to the home, and it blocked some
nice architectural features. They may rebuild a porch, but without a roof over it. He stated that the
second floor porch had the flat roof removed due to structural damage also, and they would like to
install a pergola-style roof over that instead of the planned gabled roof.

S. Kroes arrived at 4:30 p.m.

M. Franzak stated that the applicant also wished to build a garage on the property. M. Glancy
presented board members with drawings of the proposed L-shaped garage. He stated that it would
be in the back corner of the property, five feet from the property lines. He discussed the layout and
look of the garage. He stated that the siding would match the house, except that the back would be
vertical wood siding, which would not be visible from the street.

A motion that the HDC approve the request to 1) Replace the wood windows with vinyl, as long as
the original window openings are retained, 2) Install a wrought iron-style fence around the
perimeter of the property as proposed, 3) Make the proposed repairs and improvements to the two
porches, and 4) Construct a garage as proposed, with the conditions that all work meets City zoning
and building code requirements, and any necessary permits are obtained, was made by L. Spataro,
supported by D. Mayville and unanimously approved.


Muskegon High School – At the time of the staff report, Muskegon High School had plans to erect a
wall near the football stadium. M. Franzak stated that the State had since denied the request.

1201 Ransom – W. Griffin from the City’s Community & Neighborhood Services Department
spoke to board members about a house his department purchased at 1201 Ransom. He advised the
board that they would be renovating the house and converting it back to a single family home, with
the intention of selling it. He stated that he would keep the HDC informed of further developments.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:43 p.m.

HDC Minutes10/6/09                                                                                  2

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