Community Relations Agenda 01-08-2018

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                  CITY OF MUSKEGON
                            Monday, January 8, 2018
                           City Commission Chambers

1.   Minutes

     -Approval of December 11, 2017 Minutes

2.   Equal Opportunity Committee

     -Discuss options for County EEO/Director Officer Replacement

3.   Appointment Process

     -Discuss process for 2018 appointments
     -Attached is a spreadsheet of Openings and Applicants, Attendance Records,
     and relevant Applications (hard copy of each will be provided at the meeting)
     -List of Boards with Openings:
             A) Board of Review
             B) Citizen Police Review Board
             C) CDBG/CDC
             D) Construction Code BOA
             E) Downtown Development Authority
             F) Election Commission
             G) Equal Opportunity Commission
             H) Historic District Commission
             I) Housing Code BOA
             J) Housing Commission
             K) Income Tax BOR
             L) Local Development Finance Authority
             M) Local Officer’s Comp
             N) Planning Commission
             O) Zoning BOA

4.   Other Business

5.   Adjournment

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