Downtown Business Improvement District Minutes 09-27-2016

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      Downtown Muskegon Business Improvement District
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                        Sept. 27, 2016
                    380 W. Western Ave., Suite 202 Muskegon, MI at 4 PM
1) Call to Order: 4:00 PM

2) Attendance:
       Doug Pollock (Chair), Justin Clark (VC), Gary Post, John Riegler, Bruce Lindstrom, Mike
       Hennessy, Bob Tarrant (via conference call) and Frank Peterson

       Excused Absent(s): and Connie Taylor

       Guests: Dave Alexander, Downtown Muskegon Now director and Dennis Lohman,
       Northwester Industrial sales.

3) Consent Agenda

     a) Approval of Agenda, minutes from July 25 and Aug. 1, 2016 meetings, acceptance of
        the financial statements as of Sept. 19, 2016, review of expenses being paid by the
        BID, bill from Muskegon County Equalization for BID analysis work, review of line
        items for the last quarter of the BID year.

       Motion: Frank Peterson
       Support: Bruce Lindstrom
       Vote: All voted in favor

4) Public Comment (on an agenda item) – None. The board chose to leave the floor open for
   the whole meeting allowing attendees to participate as they like.

5) Unfinished Business

     a) BID update from Dave Alexander, Downtown Muskegon Now. Alexander discussed
        the on landscaping, planters, signs and events..
     b) Alexander outlined getting the BID renewal in pretty much a status quo as to district
        and assessment rates. The first of two BID public hearings before the Muskegon City
        Commission was scheduled for right after the BID Board meeting. The final public
        hearing is slated for Oct. 25.

6) New Business

     a) Alexander sought approval on the direction the BID would take for providing its major
        services of snow removal and landscaping. For the first year, the BID contracted with
        H&H of North Muskegon to provide snow removal and landscaping. The city of
        Muskegon through City Manager Frank Peterson and the city commission has sought
         a higher level of service. In doing downtown landscaping, coordination of those
         services was an issue. In talks with Peterson, the city is offering to provide snow
         removal and landscaping through the city’s Department of Public Works for 2017. As
         for the most immediate need for snow removal this winter, the city would be unable to
         provide parking lot and alley snow removal on a timely basis. The BID would seek
         parking lot and alley snow removal services from H&H and the city would provide the
         sidewalk snow removal services.

         Justin Clark said this was the right path. Bob Tarant said the BID could get more bang
         for it buck. Gary Post said he agreed with the direction, being a value added
         proposition for the BID.

         The BID Board agreed that Alexander and city officials would draw up a letter of
         agreement or understanding. That draft letter would be reported back to the BID
         Board, Doug Pollock said. That would come back to the BID board for discussion and
         a final decision. John Riegler said this seems to be a “win-win.” When it comes to
         snow removal and landscaping, Pollock said he would like to keep those two separate

         Motion: Justin Clark
         Support: John Riegler
         Vote: All voted in favor

     b) A discussion on how the board wants to approach the next year in deciding the future
        of the BID beyond 2017. Bob Tarrant said he would lead the BID through that analysis.
        Ideas are to be sent to Alexander and discussed at the Nov. 22 meeting and into 2017.

7) Other Business
    a) Alexander provided an update on the highly successful cruise ship visits this year and
        the need to continue developing the Heritage District concept for 2017 and beyond.
    b) Alexander had conversation with city Finance Director Derrick Smith on the need for
        the BID budget to coincide with the city’s budget year of July 1-June 30. Alexander will
        work with Smith to prepare a “half year” budget for 2017 through June 30. It will be
        presented at the Nov. 22 meeting if the BID is formally approved for 2017 by the city
    c) The next meeting is Tuesday Nov. 22, 2016 4 p.m. in the chamber training room, 380
        W. Western.

8) Adjournment
   5:05 PM
   No Objection

Minutes produced and submitted by Dave Alexander, executive director of Downtown
Muskegon Now.

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