Downtown Development Authority Minutes 09-08-2020

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                              CITY OF MUSKEGON
                              REGULAR MEETING

                                         September 8, 2020

The meeting was held electronically via Zoom. Chairperson M. Bottomley called the meeting to order
at 10:30 AM and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:              M. Bottomley, H. Sytsema, B. Hastings, F. Peterson, D. Kalisz, J.
                              Riegler, J. Wallace Jr, M. Kleaveland, D. Pollock

MEMBERS ABSENT:               J. Moore, excused; F. DePung, excused; M. Johnson Sr.

STAFF PRESENT:                P. Wills, Director of Strategic Initiatives; D. Alexander, Downtown
                              Manager; L. Mikesell, Director of Development Services; H. Griffith,
                              Code Coordinator; R. Cummins, Administrative Assistant/meeting

OTHERS PRESENT:               J. Belka, attorney for Harbor West LLC; S. Smith, Harbor West LLC; D.
                              C. Brubaker-Clarke, CBC Community Development Strategies LLC.

A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of August 11, 2020 was made by D. Kalisz, supported
by H. Sytsema and unanimously approved.


Harbor West LLC (Hartshorn Village) Development and Reimbursement Agreement – approval of
receipts for reimbursement. P. Wills summarized the request and provided background information on
the Reimbursement Agreement.

M. Kleaveland asked how much was supposed to be paid. P. Wills stated that $600,000 is eligible costs.
J. Belka stated that the amount that would need to be paid is the $624,525.79 and that the City would
receive $600,000 through reimbursement. There was continued discussion regarding the amounts that
were billed versus what was estimated. There were some items that ended up being under the estimates.
The request is to approve the full amount that was spent. H. Sytsema confirmed that there would be no
reallocation of other costs. C. Brubaker-Clarke confirmed that there would not be.

A motion to approve the Development and Reimbursement Agreement for the approved Brownfield
Plan for Harbor West, LLC (Hartshorn Village) project, was made by D. Pollock, supported by J.
Riegler and unanimously approved, with M. Bottomley, H. Sytsema, B. Hastings, F. Peterson, D.
Kalisz, J. Riegler, J. Wallace Jr, M. Kleaveland and D. Pollock voting aye.

DDA Financial Report. D. Alexander went over the financial report. The report was submitted to the
commission members by email prior to the meeting. The BID will continue for three more years. A
formal approval based on the current format is not being asked for just an acceptance until a better
formatted version could be shared.

Downtown Project Update. D. Alexander updated the commission members on some projects.
  • 1021 Jefferson – Under construction of the former City employee parking lot. He went over the
      funding and what will be located in the development and the requirements. Commercial
      elements on the 1st floor and being occupied in the Summer of 2021 is the possible expectation
  • 1144 3rd – Former Matson Oldsmobile Property and building. Requests for Qualifications are
      going out for the development of the property. There is funding under the Michigan Economic
      Development Corporation. There will be three short videos to be on Facebook to show options
      for the community to view and vote on which of the three options for the properties and then
      the RFQ will be put out based on it. Brad Martel is the owner out of Grand Rapids and is willing
      to work with the City to make it a more productive use. M. Bottomley asked about the other
      building that is across the street. D. Alexander stated that is owned by a private developer out
      of D.C. and has his crew cleaning it up to have a mixed-use developer. He was not sure what
      would be done in the back portion but believes that the upstairs will have a couple of residential
  • He described what is being done from a promotional standpoint. This would be on Friday
      evenings and Saturday afternoons & evenings. Outdoor seating areas would continue from now
      through October. This would be family oriented with fire pots and possibly fire bowls. This
      would be with the approval of the Fire Marshall as well.

Social Districts Discussion. D. Alexander gave an update on the social districts and the requirements
that was approved. He described what could be done under what was approved, as well a map of the
area that this would be allowed. There would be special cups that show what is allowed. M. Kleaveland
asked if this was approved by the State. D. Alexander stated that it would and there is a fee of $250
charged by the LLC and this cannot be started without an approval. There is a five-year enabling law
if the City Commission approves of this. He described the time frame that this would operate.


There was discussion on other items throughout the City of Muskegon.
   ✓ Pere Marquette Beach Sculpture – M. Bottomley asked if there was a date for the sculpture to
       be installed at the beach. D. Alexander that that it would be brought in possibly in October and
       put together. F. Peterson added that if it couldn’t be installed in October it could possibly be
       installed early spring 2021.
   ✓ Restaurants – M. Kleaveland asked how the restaurants downtown had fared due to COVID.
       D. Alexander stated that many were trying to survive. There were a couple that could not be
       reopened. It had helped a little with some being allowed to expand onto the sidewalks for safe
   ✓ Lumberjacks – D. Alexander stated that the Lumberjacks will be participating with their final
       camp and there will be a limitation on how many can go into the arena.
   ✓ Hennessey & Boars Belly – D. Alexander stated that they have not opened.
      ✓ Tipsy Toad – D. Alexander stated that they have not opened and there may be a sale of the
      ✓ Racquets – D. Alexander stated that this has been sold.
      ✓ Country Kitchen – D. Alexander stated that they used to be located at Racquets but will now be
        in a food truck and the owners want to find a new location in the downtown area.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at11:25 a.m.


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