Approved Agreements and Contracts 2023-08-22 First Amendment to Cost Sharing Agreement - 30 inch water main

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       This First Amendment ("First Amendment") to the Cost Sharing Agreement
("Agreement") dated as of 2019 by the County of Muskegon through its Board of Public Works
("County"), 1903 Marquette Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49442 and the City of Muskegon
("City"), 933 Te1Tace Street, Muskegon, Michigan 49440, is effective as of September 1, 2023.
The parties agree:

1.    The County and the City are parties to the Agreement. This First Amendment supplements
and amends the Agreement.

2.     Per the Agreement, the City of Muskegon utilizes the 30-inch County watermain to serve
City customers via connections to the 30-inch watermain south of the Channel along Beach Street.
Water usage by the County through this main is determined using a flow meter located north of
the connections to the City of Muskegon and South of the Channel.

3.     As cu1Tently configured, the City is unable to measure the flow through the 30-inch County
wate1main that is delivered to City customers. Therefore, the following provisions amend and
supplement the Agreement:

       a.     Add Subsection 1.6 to 1.0 COMMITMENTS BY THE COUNTY as follows:

       1.6 The County agrees to allow the placement by the City of a flow meter in the 30-
       inch County wate1main near the connection to the City of Muskegon watermain per
       the attached Exhibit. The County grants the City permission to install the meter and
       associated control and power wiring from the meter to the City Water Filtration
       Plant. The County recognizes that this meter will be owned, operated, and
       maintained by the City of Muskegon.

       b.      Add Subsection 2.7 to 2.0 COMMITMENTS BY THE City as follows:

       2. 7 The City agrees, at its cost, to install, operate and maintain a meter in the 30-
       inch County wate1main near the connection to the City of Muskegon main per the
       attached Exhibit. The City will allow the County access to the meter vault if needed
       to check on pipe integrity or for other reasonable purposes. The City will give notice
       to the County prior to commencement of installation.

4.      Except as specifically modified in this First Amendment, the Agreement remains in full
force and effect.

                                 Signature Page Follows
                              MUSKEGON COUNTY
                              BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS

                              By (/JJ{2~
                              Print~      : Darrell Paige
                              Its: Board Chair

                              And By    ~ I~ l;-1, ?'1(6M-.___,
                              Print Name: Brenda Moore
                              Its: Board Secretary

                              CITY OF MUSKEGON

                              By ~
                              PrintName:Ken J    hnson
                              Its: Mayor

                              Print Name: -
                              Its: Clerk

86083 :00026:7306336- l


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