Approved Agreements and Contracts 2023-11-14 City Hall Office Remodel_Second Floor

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     West Michigan's Shoreline City


            Department ofPublic Works
              Public Services Building
          1350 E. Keating, Muskegon 49442
                                                                1461 Evanston Avenue, Musl{egon, Ml 49442
                                                                    231-777-2681 o Fax 231-777-2506

August JS, 2023

Jamie Pesch
City of Muskegon                                                      Re: Muskegon City Hall Office Remodel
 933 Terrace St                                                           Second Floor
Muskegon, Ml 49443

The undersigned proposes to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary to complete the following:
Price includes furnishing all labor, material, equipment, safety aids, insurance's and clean up required to
complete the project which includes the following;
    o   Selective demolition per plans
    o   Framing of new walls, Dry wall and Acoustical ceilings per plan
    o   New electrical outlets and lighting per plan
    o   New HVAC supplies and returns
    o   Two new mini split systems
    o   Ten new doors, frames & hardware
    o   Prime all new dry wall, painting all new dry wall and existing in the designated areas
    o   New carpeting and base in all designated areas
    o   Caulking of required areas
    o   35· new blinds from "Just Blinds"

    o   Proposed time line: 9-l2-23 thru l2-l1-23, pending award time line, material lead times, permitting
        process and acceptance of plans and spec's for HVAC and Electrical

    o   Pricing based on limited plans and specifications

All of the above work to be completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner.

Total this Proposal: ($247,234.00)

    Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra cost of material or labor will only be executed
upon written orders for same, and will become an extra charge over the sum mentioned In this contract. All agreements
must be made in writing.
    The Contractor agrees to carry Worker's Compensation and Public Liability Insurance, also to pay all Sales Taxes, FICA
Taxes and Unemployment Compensation Taxes upon the material and labor furnished under this contract, as required by the
United States Government and the State in which this work ls performed.

    This proposal Is subject to your

    acceptance within 30 days.                                  Steven M. Null, Project Manager


    You are hereby authorized to furnish all materials and labor required to complete the work mentioned in
the above proposal, for which the undersigned agrees to pay the a aunt mentioned in said proposal, and
according to the terms thereof.                          ~ ·~
                                                            /                       (Signature)

                                                                                   (Printed Name)

                                       ll)oc1U1melllt A310 TM - 2010
                                       Conrormu with Tho Amorloun lnslltuto of Arohltooto AIA Dooumont 310
Bid Bond
CONTRACTOR:                                                   SURETY:
(Name, legal Slal11s and "'ldresJ)                            (Namu, legal s/a/11s anrl /llillclJIIII 11/uc/J 11flim/11e.~9
                                                              United Fire & Casualty Company
Trldonn Construction Company                                  PO Box 73909
                                                                                                                              This documonl hos lmporlonl
1461 Evanston Avenue                                          Cedar Rapids, IA 52407                                          loool conGoquonooo. Consullallon
Musl(egon, Ml 49442                                           Mnllht(J Addross for Nollcos                                    with on 11tlornoy lo oncournood
                                                                                                                              wllh rospocl to lW complollon or
OWNEI~:                                                                                                                       modlllcnllon,
(Nam~, ldg(I/ s/tt/11s ttnd adclitwJ                                                                                          Any slnoulnr roloronco to
City of Musl-wmo111 ofwhloh tho Contraotor nnd Suroty bind
thomsol\oos, lholr holrs, oxco111ors, ndmlnts1rntors, auccossors ond osslons,Jolntly ond sovcrolly, 119 provided horcln. Tho condlttons of this
Bond nro suoh thnt If tho Ownor noocpts the bid of tho ContrMlor within tho 111110 specified In tho bid documonts, or within such 111110 period
as mny bo oorccd to t,y tho Ownor nnd Conlrn01or, n11d tho Contrnotor ollhor(I) e1110rs 11110 o con1rao1 with tho Ow11or 111 nccordnnoo wllh
tho 1011110 of £Uch bid, nud olvos suoh bond or bonds M111ny bo spcolllcd In tho IJ)ddino or Conlrnct Uooumcnls, with nsuroly ndllllllcd In
thojurlsdiollon of tho t>ro,(eot 1111d olho1wiso occoptnblo lo tho Ownor, for tho foltht\rl t>orformoneo ofauolr Conlrool nnd for tho 1iro111pl
pnymonl oflnbor nnd mntorlnt l\1111l shod 111 tho prosoc111lon thcrool} or (2) 11nyo to tho Owner tho dlftbrcnco, 1101 to oiiceod tho nlllo11111 of
thio IJond, bolwcon lho nll101t11t sp<:olfic,1 In S11ld t,)d nud znoh lorscr nlllollnl for whloh lho 011'normay In good fnllh con Imel with nnollm
11orly lo J)O!lhnn lho wnr~ co,•urud by ~uhl hhl, thun thl~ ohllg111l1111 ~lmll Im 111111111111 ,•old, othurwlsu ltl rvmuhi In 1\1ll lhrcu uml ul)but, Thu
Surely huruby wnlvo~ 111,y nutluu 111'111111ureomu11I hulwuun tlru O\\~iur 1111tl Cnnlmulnr In uxlond lhu llmu In which the Ownurmuy 11ccupl thu
hid, Wull•or 01'11111icu hy tho Snruly Hhull 11111 u1111ly 111 ,my u111011Hlt1n oxucutll1111 Hixly (60) duvH in lhu UD1Jro11u10 huyuntl lhu tlmu 1hr
u~ccpluncu nl' hldu «puclllud In lhu hid d11uumu11IH, 11ml lhu Ownur 1111d Cnntrualur Hhnll obtnf II lhu Surol}'H umisunt l\1run uxlu1rnl1111 huymul
HIXIY (60) dU)'II,
 If this Bond la lss11cd in conncolion with n 011bco111molor's bid lo n Coutrnctor, tho lonn Contrnclor in this Bond shnll bo doomed lo bo
Suboonlrootor nnd tho 1om1 Own or ahnll bo doornod lo bo Conlrnotor,
Wlron this Tiund hns buun l\1rnl11h~tl 1111:1111111ty with II n1u1111ory 111·11thur lunut ,u1111lrumu11I In 1h11luu111i1111111'\lu, P,oj~ol,_1111y ln\lyjs),!ti h1
thin nnnd uunl1lu1l1111 wllh 11uhl i;lulutnl')' or lugal ru11ull\lmun1 Hhull hu dcomud tlolulod hurul\mn mu! 11r1wlul111lH u1111l1111nl111J It> nuuh ·
Htnlulnl')' or other )cgul rc1111lrumu111 Hl111ll ho tluumcAH R/\Pll)S, Ii\
                                                               llt,nrn Fll,E & ll~nt:MNITV             ('/JMP1\NY, \\'t:BSTr-:R, TX
                                                               FINANCIAL 1'1\CIFI( INS\.IR,\NCE COlvtl'ANY, LOS ANfS, Tirnt UNITED FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY, a corporation duly organized and existing under
 the laws of the state ofTowa· UNITED FIRE & INDEMNTIY COMPANY, n co111oratio11 duly organized nnd existing 1tnder the lnws of the State of
 Texas; and FlN/\NCIAL PACIFIC INSURANCE COMl'ANY, a co111omtion duly organized nnd existing under the laws of the ~late of Califo,niia
 (herein colleclively called lite Companies), nm! having their corporate headquarters in Cedar Rnpids, Stntc ofiowa, docs make, conshtutc nnd appomt
                  ,                                    their tmc and lawful Allomcy-in-Fncl with power aml anth01ily hereby confe1recl to sign, seal nncl
 SI rnnnon Ny I1111s                                                                                            ,             • I bl' ·       1 II       I
 exec1tte in iis behalf all lawftil bonds, uncter1akings and other obligalo1y instnunents of similar nature provided that no smg c o 1ga1Ion s in excee<
 $ I 00,000,000.00

                      Surety Bond Number:      54-252690
                      Principal: Tridonn Construction Compnny
                      Obligce: City of Muskegon
 and lo bind the Companies thereby ns f1tlly nnd to the same extent ns if such instrnments were signed by the duly nuthorized officers of the Companies
 am! all of the acts ofsnid Atlomey, pursuant to the nulhorily hereby given mtcl hereby rntifiecl and cuufinued.
  The Authority hereby granted is continuous nml shnll remain in full force ancl effect until revoked by UNITED FJRE & CASUAL1Y CO1v1PANY,
     TI1is Power of AHomcy is made nml executed pursuant to 11ml by nuthority of the following bylaw duly ndoptecl by the Boards of Directors of
                                                                 "Article VI - Surely Don els nucl Undcl'tnklngs"
                       Section 2, Appointment of Attomcy•in-Fact. "111e President or nny Vice Prcsiclcnl, or nny oilier officer of the Compnuies mny, from lime lo
                       time, appoint by written certificates attorneys-in-fact to net in behnlf of fhe Co111pm1ies in the execution of policies of insurance, bonds,
                       undertakings nncl other oblignlo1y inslmmenls of like nntme. TI1e signnture ofnny officer ;mlhori7.ed hereby, nnd the Corporate sen!, may be
                       nffixecl by facsimile to any power of nttomcy or spccinl power of nltomc)' or cc11ificntion of either 11utho1izccl hereby; such signnturc nnd seal,
                       when so used, being ncloptcd by the Companies 11s the otiginnl signature ofsnch officer nml the originnl seal of the Compnnies, lo be vnlid and
                       binding upon the Compnnies witl1 the snmc force nncl effect n~ though manunlly affixed. Such nlto111eys•in-filct, subject to the limitnlions sci
                       forth in their respective ce1tificntes of nuthotily shnll have full power to bind the Compnnies by their signature and execution of m1y such
                       instmmeuls and to attach the seal offhe Companies thereto, TI1e President or any Vice President, the Board of Directors or m1y other officer of
                       the Companies muy nl nny lime revoke all power nud aulhority previously given lo nny altomey-in-filct.
                                                                                              IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the COlvlPANIES have each cnused these presents to be signed by its
     ~,,,, \ 11111111/IJ
                                        ~,,,,,t1n1111111,,, vice
                                    ,f'\~,01.~.s~'!-]l'"-    .       •          .                                          •                     I
                                                                 prcs1clcnl nml its CO!Jlomlc seal lo be hereto affixed tin~ 2lsl clny of Scmptcm icr, 2023
jA.         ~ f't._,4      ,.J.~ ff\'t-.~W~vditf;;, . ~
gg  conron,mws ff§ conronAT£ l}.t f:!f;f }lltV 2{ ~jg%                                              UNITED FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY
S;l - · -      ~§             it -•-                     ~~   l1l            1910            ,~i                              UNITEDFlRE&INDEMNITYCOMPANY
\ ~ sm 0
                           'r"f \ 1~ mi                , "/ '\.;{:•.f;fltFO~,~•,·/f;
                                .,:,,.,11:"'tti1t.'J.~~~        ~❖I'.      ...........   ,\,~
                                                                                                                              FINANCIAL PACIFIC INSURANCE COMPANY
      1111,11,m''''                 i,1,111111\\'''''               1111
                                                                        11,11,111\\\'''''\.././    A.( c:_- ✓-.-;
                                                                                    By: /.,~ "-·~ / I ~1,-J,'/,
     Sllllc oflowa, County of Linn, ss:                                                  /7               c:J    Vice President
     Ou 21st day of September, 2023, before me personally came Kymma M. Saylor to me known, who being by me duly sworn,
     did depose and say; that she resides in Cedar Rapicls, Slate ofiowa; that she is n Vice President of UNITED FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY a Vice
     President ofllNITED FIRE & INDEMNITY COlvfPANY, nncl a Vice President ofFINANCJAL PACIFIC INSURANCE COMPANY the coq;orations
     described in nm! which exceuled the above inslrnment; lltat she knows the senl of said eorpomlions; llrnt the seal affixed to Ilic snid instnuneut is sucl1
     CO!Jlornle seal; lhnl ii wns so nffixcd pursunnt to nulhority given by the Bonni of Directors of said corporations nncl that she signed her unmc thereto
     pursuant to like nnlhorily, and admowledges same to be lhc net and deed of said coqiomtions.
                                           Iowa Nolarlal seal
                                       Commission number 71327~                                                                                                             Notnry Public
                                    My commission Expires ·t0/26/2025
                                                                                                                                                         My commission expires: 10/26/2025
      I, Mary A. Bertsch, Assislnnt Secretary of United Fire & Casually Company nm! Assistant Secretary of United Fire & Indemnity company, nncl
     Assistant Secretary of Financial Pacific Jnsi1rancc Company, do hereby certify that J have compared the foregoing copy of the Power of Altomcy and
     affidavit, nncl the copy of the Sec lion of the bylmvs and resolutions of said Corporations as set forth in snid Power of Attorney, with the ORIGINALS ON
     FILE TN THE HOME OF.FICE OF SAID CORPORATIONS, oncl that the snmc nre correct lrnn.scripls thereof, nnd of the whole of the snid origiunls, uud
     lhal the said Power of Atlomey has 1101 bceu revoked and is now in full force and effect.
                In testimony whereofI have hereunto subscribed my nmne and nmxecl Ilic coqiorale seal of the said Corporations
                 this      11 lh     dny of              .lanumy               2024 __.


                                                                                                                                                            Assistant Secretory,
                                                                                                                                                            UF&C & UF&I &FPIC
                                    City of Muskegon

                                City Commission Meeting


                             November 14, 2023, 5:30 pm
                                  Muskegon City Hall
                        933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Ml 49440

Present:                 Mayor Ken Johnson
                         Commissioner Rachel Gorman
                         Commissioner Rebecca St.Clair
                         Commissioner Eric Hood (arrived at 7:15 p.m.)
                         Vice Mayor Willie German, Jr.
                         Commissioner Michael Ramsey
                         Commissioner Teresa Emory

Staff Present:           City Manager Jonathan Seyferth
                         City Clerk Ann Meisch
                         City Attorney John Schrier
                         Deputy City Clerk Kimberly Young

1.     Call To Order

       Mayor Johnson called the City Commission meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

2.     Prayer

       Pastor James O'Brien from Anchor Point Bible Church opened the meeting with

3.     Pledge of Allegiance

       The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited by the Commission and the

4.     Roll Call

       As recorded above

5.     Honors, Awards, and Presentations

       5.a       Introduce New Staff - Finance Clerk

                Ken Grant, Finance Director, introduced his new staff person, Laurie
                Stephens. Laurie came to us from Muskegon County, started a couple
                weeks ago and is doing well.

     5.b        Introduce New Staff - Development Analyst

                Jake Eckholm, Development Services, introduced Jocelyn Hines,
                Development Analyst. Jocelyn came to us from the Community

     5.c        Employee Service Awards

                Mayor Johnson and Commissioners congratulated and thanked city
                employees for various years of distinguished, loyal service - ranging from
                5-35 years. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to those in

6.   Public Comment on Agenda Items

     Public comments were received.

7.   Consent Agenda

     Action No. 2023-117

     Motion by: Commissioner Ramsey
     Second by: Commissioner Gorman
     To accept the consent agenda as presented, minus item 7.b, 7.c, 7.i, 7.j, and 7.k

     Ayes: (6): Mayor Johnson, Commissioner Gorman, Commissioner St.Clair, Vice
     Mayor German, Commissioner Ramsey, and Commissioner Emory

     Absent (1 ): Commissioner Hood

                                                                MOTION PASSES (6 to 0)

     7 .a       Approval of Minutes - City Clerk
                To approve the minutes of the October 24, 2023 Regular Meeting.

                STAFF RECOMMENDATION: To approve the minutes.

     7 .d       Gaming Resolution - Friends of Hackley Public Library - City Clerk
                Friends of Hackley Public Library is requesting Recognition as a non-profit
                in the City of Muske~on for the purpose of obtaining a charitable gaming

       evaluate a potential move of City Hall staff and services to the former
       Hackley Administration Building.

       Three (3) proposals were received and staff is recommending award of
       the services to Integrated Architecture, based on their experience with
       similar projects, and proposed timeframe for completion of the
       analysis.The bids received were as follows:

       - Integrated Architecture - $29,260
       - DLZ Michigan, Inc. - $39,000
       - Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH) - $40,770

       AMOUNT REQUESTED: $29,260

       FUND OR ACCOUNT: 701-801-80200

       STAFF RECOMMENDATION: To authorize staff to enter into a contract
       with Integrated Architecture in the amount of $29,260 to complete a space
       needs analysis for City Hall operations that considers a potential move to
       the former Hackley Administration Building.

7 .o   Contract - City Hall Floor Office Remodel - Development Services
       and Public Safety

       Staff is requesting authorization to accept Tridonn Construction
       Company's bid in the amount of $247,234.00 to build out the vacant office
       space on the second floor of City Hall to serve the Development Services
       and Public Safety Departments.

       The first phase of the office remodel was completed in 2020 for the
       Development Services Department; with the addition of public
       engagement staff and new employees in Development Services, more
       space is needed. Additionally, the Detectives in the Public Safety
       Department plan to relocate to a portion of the vacant space. $200,000
       was budgeted in the Public Improvement Fund for the work. The City
       issued an RFP for the work on July 27, 2023 and three (3) proposals were

       - Tridonn Construction - $247,234
       - Clifford Buck Construction - $266,226
       - Erhardt Construction - $389,900

       Staff is recommending award of the services to Tridonn Construction
       Company, which submitted the low bid for the work.

       AMOUNT REQUESTED: $247,234.00


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