Approved Agreements and Contracts 2023-11-28 Cellular Tower Lease Consultant Contract

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                        his "exclusive lease negotiation consultant" agreement is made this 30th day of
                         ctober, 2023 between Maralat Communications, LLC/Tlmothy K. Romanowski
Tim Romanowski        ( 1ereinafter referred to as the Consultant); with an address of 15739 Churchill,
Managing Member         outhgate, Michigan 48195 and the City of Muskegon, with an address of 933 Terrace
734,787.1100            treet, Muskegon, Michigan 49441 (hereinafter referred to as "the City").

15739 Chu1chill
Southgate, Ml 48195      hereas the City wishes to retain the exclusive services of the Consultant to
                       egotiate the Inception and/or renewal of site telecommunication leases for the city
                       t the following specific locations and other future locations at the option of the city:

                          1.   Water Tower located at 275 Marshall Street, County of Muskegon
                          2.   Water Tower located at 719 Nims Street, County of Muskegon
                          3.   Land lease at "Muskegon County APN: 24-133-400-0013-00".
                          4.   Water Tower located at 1596 Superior Street, County of Muskegon

                        hereas the consultant is a licensed real estate broker for the State of Michigan
                       nd is also an experienced telecommunications developer and project manager,

                       oth the city and the consultant now wish to enter into this agreement whereby
                       he consultant will negotiate the telecommunirntion site leases ,md/or land lr;ise
                       enewals referenced above in a fiduciary capacity for the best interest of the city,
                      ind any other additional leases that the city may decide to include in this
                       greement. The city may add additional leases for the consultant to negotiate, by
                       eference of a letter of inclusion or an email referencing the inclusion of additional
                      eases in this agreement. Such communication would then be confirmed by the

                      s consideration for the efforts of the consultant to negotiate with and/or meet with
                      s necessary, telecommunication carriers on behalf of the city, the City hereby agrees
                      o pay the consultant a commission of five percent (5%) of the aggregate lease
                      mount for the initial lease term of each individual lease and all additional monies
                      nd/or fees paid to the city during the initial lease term, with the total commission
                      ot to exceed $25,000.00 for any one lease. The consultant fee or commission shall
                      e paid in full to the consultant upon the execution of the referenced lease or lease

                       his exclusive agreement between Maralat Communications, LLC/Timothy K.
                      Romanowski as consultant and the City of Muskegon shall be in effect for a period of
                      one year from the date of full execution of this agreement and shall automatically
                      renew at each one year anniversary of the date of full execution unless a NOTICE OF
                      CANCELLATION has been sent by either party to the other, provided that no such
                      notice can take effect if it is sent during any ongoing communication and/or
                      negotiation by the consultant with a telecommunications carrier on behalf of the city.
                      The NOTICE OF CANCELLATION may be sent by either party via first class mail or

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